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If you are looking for an immediate response to your query, try glancing through the answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions below.

Q. My password is not working

A. Please note all passwords are case sensitive.

Q. I have forgotten my Sailor User ID and password

A. Click here if you have forgotten your password. You will be required to enter your registered email address. An email will then be sent to you with a new password.

If you no longer have access to your registered email address, please click here to contact World Sailing.

Q. I have not received my activation email

You should receive you activation email shortly after registering. However some email clients can delay the email by up to 48 hours. If 48 hours after submitting your registration as a Sailor, you have not received your activation email, please click here to email World Sailing.

Q. I have changed my email address & wish to change my details

A. Logon to the World Sailing Sailor, by entering your Sailor ID and password, and then click the blue 'Account Details' box.

Please note, on your Sailor Biog page there is also space for a Public Email address.

Q. I have more than one Sailor ID?

A. If you have registered more than once and need to delete a subscription, please click here to contact World Sailing, giving the World Sailing Sailor ID, password, and answer to the secret question and the World Sailing office will delete that Sailor ID.
Q. Why does World Sailing need my email address?

A. So that World Sailing can contact you, keep you informed of developments via World Sailing Sailor, and if you have registered to receive email Services, so that these can be sent to you. You should note that World Sailing will not publish your email address. Email addresses will only be published if you have submitted such information on Your Biography or on your profile on World Sailing's Sailors' Forum.

Q. How do I add an image to my biography?

A. Firstly you can add unlimited mugshot and action images. Photos can be uploaded on your Sailor Biog page.

Click blue 'Edit Details' button and then click on the 'Images' tab. At the bottom of the screen you can upload new images to your Sailor Biog.

Images should be either .jpg or .gif format. Note the sizes for the main image (to the left of your name) is 240 by 240 pixels.

Please note that you can only upload images with the consent of the the originating photographer and which are royalty free.

Q. What information that I submit will be published by World Sailing?

A. The Terms and Conditions clearly set out what information will be published for each part of the World Sailing Sailor. As part of the process of registering to World Sailing Sailor you agreed to accept these Terms and Conditions.

Q. Somebody has registered using my name and is pretending to be me

World Sailing is unable to stop anybody registering under a false name, or another person's name, although such action is clearly in contravention of the Sailor Terms and Conditions. However, if such behaviour is taking place, then World Sailing will take every step to stop it. If you believe somebody is registered on World Sailing Sailor and using your identity, please click here to contact World Sailing giving details and World Sailing will respond within three business days.

Q. Who is entitled to use and register as a Sailor?

A. Anybody can register as a World Sailing Sailor, whether a top international sailor who wishes to utilize all the services offered, or an individual who just wants to subscribe to receive email services, or an individual who wishes to just complete the initial World Sailing Sailor registration to keep informed of Word Sailing Sailor developments. It is a service aimed at all levels - and you subscribe to what you want.

Q. I wish to make a complaint about a posting on the Forum?

Please click here to email your complaint to World Sailing including details of why you wish to make a complaint and how World Sailing can contact you.

Q. World Sailing Sailor sounds pretty good. What's the catch?

A. There is no catch. World Sailing's aim is to provide a service to sailing, and we hope that the ISAF Sailor, both now and as its services expand, will provide a beneficial service, to sailors, event organizers, media and all persons interested in the sport of sailing.

Q. Further Information

We regularly update the answers to the most frequent questions asked. If you are sure your question is not answered above, have a query about SailorID Terms and Conditions, or would like to make a suggestion to improve the service, please click here to contact the World Sailing Sailor support team. We aim to answer your query within three business days.

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