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OSR Recognized First Aid Qualifications

OSR - MNA Recognized First Aid Courses

The requirements for MedicalTraining under the Offshore Special Regulations are as follows:

MoMu0 6.05.1 At least one crewmember shall have a valid STCW A-VI/4-2 (Proficiency In Medical Care) certificate or equivalent.
MoMu0 6.05.2 In addition to 6.05.1 another crewmember shall have a valid first aid certificate completed within the last five years meeting:
MoMu1 At least two crewmembers shall have a valid forst aid certificate completed within the last five years meeting:
MoMu2 At least one crewmember shall have a valid first aid certificate completed within the last five year meeting:
MoMu01,2 a) A certificate listed on the World Sailing website of MNA recognised courses.
MoMu0,1,2 b) STWC First Aid Training complying with A-VI/1-3- Elementary First Aid or higher STCW
MoMu3,4 6.05.3 At least one member of the crew shall be familiar with First Aid procedures, hypothermia, drowning, cardio-pulmonary resuscitation and relevant communication systems

The following is a list of MNA recognized courses that are valid for use in that Country as being acceptable:

Australia (AUS)

Australian course that complies with HLTCPR201A - Perform Cardiopulminary Rescusitation and HLTFA301B - Apply First Aid Sometimes called: Applied First Aid, Senior first Aid or Workplace Level 2 First Aid

Canada (CAN)

  • Standard First Aid and CPR level A
  • Marine First Aid and CPR level A
  • Marine Advanced First Aid and CPR level A
  • Marine Medical Care and CPR level A
  • Canadian professional accreditations (e.g. paramedic, nurse, physician)

Czech Republic (CZE)

CZECH SAILING ASSOCIATION has approved the following WS / MNA /STCW /RYA recognized courses:

SHOCK / InGarden Training Centre

France (FRA)

The First aid Course (PSMer) and the Offshore medical training (FMH) are recognised by the FFV and also confirming to relevant STCW standards.

Germany (GER)

The following providers are recognised by the DSV:

Sailpartner GbR Feldstraße 57c 22880 Wedel Tel: +49 40 1802 4423-0

UG Postfach 11 02 26925 Elsfleth Mobil: 0176 / 23587654

Great Britain (GBR)

RYA First Aid Course

South Africa (RSA)

First Aid Certificates issued by Health and Welfare SETA (HWSETA) accredited Service Providers.

Sweden (SWE)

Senior First Aid Course and the Medical Care Course run by Swedish Sailing Federation in cooperation with Seasafety AB.

Current courses will be presented at the website of Swedish Sailing Federation

United States (USA)

US SAILING has recognised the following MNA recognized courses and in addition brought in a national prescription limiting to the Offshore Special Regulations reducing there validity from 5 years:

+ American Heart Association: Heartsaver FACTS - includes Heartsaver first aid course and AED (Automated External Defibrillator ) training. Certification for 2 years.

+ American Red Cross: First Aid, Standard First Aid (taught with Adult CPR at a workplace), and First Aid Basics (when taught alone as a community course). Certification for 3 years.

+ American Safety and Health Institute: Basic First Aid. Certification for "up to" 3 years.

+ National Safety Council: First Aid or Standard First Aid (when taught with CPR). Certification for 3 years.

+ Backcountry Medical Guides: First Aid, CPR, and AED for mariners-8 hours. Advanced First Aid, CPR, and AED for mariners-18 hours. Both certifications are valid for 2 years.

+ NOLS Wilderness First Aid Course: hands-on, 16-hour course covering First Aid, CPR, patient assessment and treatment of specific injuries. Certificate valid for 2 years.

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